Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome. Welcome. Here's the purpose!

Welcome to my new blog!  Creating this blog has been on my mind for a long time.  I have put off creating it for quite a while because the idea of creating and managing a blog seems overwhelming!  All excuses aside...with this blog or any other endeavor...there is never a better time to start than NOW!!  So welcome!!

A quick run down of my "story"...Ten years ago I met and married my amazing husband.  We were not exactly pictures of good health.   We dined on processed food and took medications at the sign of even the slightest bit of illness.  I was struggling with chronic kidney infections and had been in the hospital with kidney stones a couple of times.  We met some amazing doctors who began to educate us on what TRUE health is.  Our goals, for our health and future family's health, began to change and grow!  We changed our diet and exercise and things like natural childbirth began to take on new priority.

Now I have spent years of learning and changing and trying to balance the best life (as far as health is concerned) with things like time and money (ahhh...not the M or B word)! I have an array of go to recipes and meals that are pretty simple, products I love, processes that work for us.  This blog is a place for me to share recipes, processes, foods, products, tips, etc.  We are not perfect...but feel very convicted in this area of stewardship!  I will also be using this blog to hold myself accountable to maintaining the BEST diet and exercise, etc. regimen for myself.  I hope something you read here blesses you and your family!  Thanks for checking it out!!